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    Our salvage service means that your scrap car can be collected and recycled in a responsible manner.

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    We Buy Scrap Cars – Cash Paid

    When you call us to scrap your car, we will do so with a professional approach, and with health and safety in mind.

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    The Scrap Process

    We are experienced in the recycling and disposal of cars, recovery, and transportation to AFT's or salvage yards

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I've lost my V5; can I still sell my car for scrap?

If you have lost your V5 ownership certificate for your vehicle, and you still wish to scrap it, as an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) we are required by law to supply you with a Certificate of Destruction (CoD).

We would still recommend that you inform the DVLA that you have lost your certificate. They will charge £25 if you require a new one.

We will inform the DVLA that you are no longer responsible for the car, and that we have collected and scrapped it.

Please ensure you keep the CoD.

How much will I get for my scrap?

Amounts will vary as we can scrap not only cars, vans and motorcycles but also tyres, scrap metal and other salvage. If you want to find out how much we can offer you, call us, email us or fill out our form and we will respond quickly with a prompt quotation.

What is the End of Life process?

The ELV is the End of Life Vehicle directive set out by the Environmental Agency. It assures that waste when vehicles are scrapped are kept to a minimum and that those vehicles are considered hazardous until their final treatment.

What happens to my scrap when you have collected it?

Your scrap, once collected, is safely put onto one of our fleet of vehicles. We transport the scrap either to an authorised salvage yard, or to an ATF, which is an authorised Treatment facility. Any salvageable materials are recycled and cars, along with other vehicles, are treated using the ELV (End of Life Vehicle treatment).

Which areas do you cover?

We cover specifically London, Essex, Kent and Hertfordshire and will attend to you scrapping and salvage issues at a convenient time to you. We realise it is not always convenient for us to collect during the day, so we work 24 hours a day for customers that prefer us to collect at night.

When will you collect my scrap?

Whenever you feel you want us to. If you want us to collect during the day or night, we will schedule our driver to attend when it is convenient. We realise that breakdowns can occur any time of day, and that many of our customers are not available during the day, so we will collect nighttime too if you wish.

What type of confirmation do I get when you scrap my car?

We will always issue you with a DVLA Certificate of Destruction (CoD) which is in line with current regulations. You must keep the CoD as proof that your vehicle has been destroyed and is no longer your responsibility as this is the only paperwork you will get.

My car is no longer insured, can I still have it scrapped?

By law, your car has to be insured or declared SORN to the DVLA – a Statutory Off Road Notice. You can only park a SORN vehicle on private land, such as your own driveway. If your car is not insured, and is not declared SORN, then you will receive a fine.

Save yourself having to pay out, and contact us to scrap it. We will pay a minimum of £100 for your car and will destroy it safely, inform the DVLA, and treat it in line with the requirements of the Environmental Agency.

Is scrapping a car safe?

Our drivers are very well trained in the removal of vehicles and other hazardous waste that needs to be transported to an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) or to an authorised salvage site.

We are experienced in our industry and always keep our customers and workforce safe by working in line with strict Health and Safety regulations.

We remove, destroy and treat cars safely, effectively and in line with the law.

Do you buy scrap metal?

No we only want vehicles (Cars / Vans)

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Why Choose Scrap Car King

  • That's simple. We are a quality driven company with a team of experienced and specialist vehicles.
  • When you call us to scrap your car, we will do so with a professional approach, and with health and safety in mind.
  • We will dispose or recycle your vehicle using only authorised salvage yards or treatment facilities.
  • Our team will provide you with a certificate of disposal to confirm that your car has been destroyed; this is done by contacting the DVLA and informing them that we have collected and scrapped the car, van, motorcycle or other vehicle.
  • Call our specialist car removal team today to find out more on 07758 224112 or fill out our form for a quote today.

How it Works

  • Complete our simple to fill out form.
  • Receive your quotation.
  • Arrange a convenient time to collect.
  • We collect and give you cash.

Primary Areas Covered

  • London
  • Essex
  • Kent
  • Hertfordshire
  • Waltham Abbey
  • Romford up to Colchester down to South East Essex
  • If you are out of these areas please call