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    Our salvage service means that your scrap car can be collected and recycled in a responsible manner.

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    We Buy Scrap Cars – Cash Paid

    When you call us to scrap your car, we will do so with a professional approach, and with health and safety in mind.

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    The Scrap Process

    We are experienced in the recycling and disposal of cars, recovery, and transportation to AFT's or salvage yards

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Car Removal & Destruction - Essex, London, Kent & Hertfordshire

For those car owners looking to have your car removed and scrapped, then we can help. We are Scrap Car King, a small company with a capacity to collect your scrap car when you need us.

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Scrap Car

We consider a professional approach when we are requested to remove a junk car and conduct vehicle recovery in order to carry out car scrapping in and around London, Kent, Essex and Hertfordshire. Customers all around those areas have already taken advantage of our impressive car scrapping service:

  • London
  • Kent
  • Essex
  • Hertfordshire

Our car scrapping service is second to none. We work hard, and work ethically to recycle your scrap car in a responsible manner.

Call us today to see how we can help or email us at

We Buy Scrap Cars – Cash Paid

Scrap Car King is a reputable company and will always recommend to our customers that there are companies operating in our area who offer cash for car disposal, however you may later find that your car has been irresponsibly sold on, and that is back on the road. We warn our customers that some companies operating in the same areas may offer you a high price for your vehicle, and then may not offer you as much as promised when they attend to collect your scrap car.

We carry a guarantee that when we buy your scrap car, we will always dispose of it in an ethical manner. Scrap Car King offers £100 for a scrap car of average size. Once we have disposed of your car, we will give you with a genuine destruction notice. This is your guarantee, to confirm that your scrap car has been responsibly recycled and you will not find it has been put back on the road.

Speak to our team today about our guaranteed cash payments and destruction notices.

Quality Car Scrapping Services

If you wish to recycle your scrap car, do so with a reputable company like Scrap Car King. Based in Essex, we also can dispose of bicycles, motorcycles, transit vans and more vehicles.

The team here carries out responsible metal scrapping - so if you are looking for cash for your scrap vehicle, car, or other types of metal, we will dispose of, or recycle the materials, on your behalf.

Providing all of our clients with an impressive junk car removal service, we remove scrap cars and other vehicles. We will dispose of your scrap items at a recycling plant and we act quickly following enquiries about collecting your scrap cars.

Call us today and check out how we can help.

Vehicle Scrapping in London, Essex, Kent & Hertfordshire

Our team carries out effective vehicle scrapping in London, Essex, Kent, and Hertfordshire.

If you have broken down in your car and need a recovery vehicle to move your car to an Authorised Treatment Facility (AFT) or an authorised salvage yard, then we can help.

We have years of experience and our services are outstanding. Our team feels that our support is second to none, and with similar companies operating in our areas, we believe that our reliable service, teamed with good prices for your car along with responsible scrapping top the rest.

We are also able to remove heavy goods vehicles; vans, cars and motorbikes, and our team always do so with skill and pay attention to health and safety regulations. Our drivers are experienced and trained in safely attaching a car to our purpose built fleet of vehicles. And we can remove other salvageable materials and scrap metal.

Because we are experienced in the recycling and disposal of cars, recovery, and transportation to AFT's or salvage yards, we know how to treat your vehicle with respect for the environment. We have worked in our field for many years, and work hard to ensure that recovery, disposal, recycling and transportation is carried out professionally.

If you are a local resident in London, Essex, Kent or Hertfordshire, and would like to speak to us, we offer a superb car scrapping, vehicle recovery and a recycling service that outshines the rest.

Speak to the friendly team at Scrap Car King today on 07758 224112 and we will respond promptly to your requirements, offering you a fast estimate.

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Why Choose Scrap Car King

  • That's simple. We are a quality driven company with a team of experienced and specialist vehicles.
  • When you call us to scrap your car, we will do so with a professional approach, and with health and safety in mind.
  • We will dispose or recycle your vehicle using only authorised salvage yards or treatment facilities.
  • Our team will provide you with a certificate of disposal to confirm that your car has been destroyed; this is done by contacting the DVLA and informing them that we have collected and scrapped the car, van, motorcycle or other vehicle.
  • Call our specialist car removal team today to find out more on 07758 224112 or fill out our form for a quote today.

How it Works

  • Complete our simple to fill out form.
  • Receive your quotation.
  • Arrange a convenient time to collect.
  • We collect and give you cash.

Primary Areas Covered

  • London
  • Essex
  • Kent
  • Hertfordshire
  • Waltham Abbey
  • Romford up to Colchester down to South East Essex
  • If you are out of these areas please call